Ed Sheeran Shows How He Jumped Off A Building In Behind The Scenes Video Of ‘Bad Habits’

In a recent Instagram post, Ed Sheeran has revealed a behind-the-scenes video of his new music video for ‘Bad Habits’ in which he jumps off a tall building even though he is afraid of doing such a thing.

Ed Sheeran has announced the release of his single ‘Bad Habits’ on June 25, 2021, along with an accompanying music video that marked his return to making music. In the video, Ed Sheeran has seen dancing wearing a pink suit with realistic vampire teeth and matching make-up for his vampire-themed concept. The music video garnered positive remarks from both of his fans and his fellow musicians, including Taylor Swift who showed support for his new single and music video via her Twitter account.

In his recent Instagram post, Sheeran shared the video of him jumping off a building during the video shoot. In the post, Ed has shared a sneak peek from the behind-the-scenes video from the ‘Bad Habits’ music video, saying that the full video is up on his YouTube channel. He added that the video was a lot of fun to shoot, excluding the part when he jumped off a building.

Ed Sheeran said on his Instagram post that:

“Behind the scenes from the Bad Habits music video up on my YouTube channel, this was a lot of fun to shoot, apart from the jumping off a building bit.

You can see below the official behind-the-scenes video for Ed Sheeran’s ‘Bad Habit.’