Ed Sheeran Says ‘Bad Habits’ Came By Accident While Sharing A Behind The Scenes Video

Releasing his new song ‘Bad Habits’ four weeks ago along with its music video, Ed Sheeran recently opened up on an Instagram post about how the song was created stating that it was actually ‘an accident.’

Giving hints for an upcoming new album, yet not announcing the release date of the record, Sheeran enjoys keeping his fans at the edge of their seat. Not having released a studio album in two years, the British singer recently dropped his new song ‘Bad Habits’ on YouTube. The song premiered on June 25, and currently has over 78 million views along with almost 100 thousand comments. His fans directly noticed that this song has a different style when compared to Sheeran’s previous songs.

Building up the curiosity about the reasons he made a drastic change in his music, Sheeran finally revealed in an Instagram post how the song was created, accompanied by a backstage video. He talked about how he has always wanted to explore new genres. He stated that he wanted to try and create something outside his ordinary setting, like the studio, and therefore he rented ‘an old country house.’ Sheeran also revealed that this is the first single from his upcoming album.

Here is what he said in the caption of the video:

“Wrote ‘Bad Habits’ in January with Fred again and Johnny McDaid. We rented an old country house with the idea that the change of scenery from a studio would help make the most interesting songs, and for a month just chucked around random ideas and genres that I wouldn’t ever usually make.

‘Bad Habits’ came by accident and was such a fun tune to make. I didn’t know at the time it would end up as the first single from the album but here we are. Check the video out on YouTube, and hope you enjoy it.”

By revealing that his new hit song was ‘made by accident,’ the musician proved to his fans that even his accidents are worthy of listening. His fans mostly stated that although the song’s sound is unusual for Ed Sheeran, they still love this version of the icon.

You can watch the behind-the-scenes video Ed Sheeran posted on Youtube and also listen to ‘Bad Habits‘ below.