Dusty Hill’s Widow Reacts To ‘Unscrupulous Persons’ Taking Advantage Of ZZ Top Icon’s Name


Late ZZ Top icon Dusty Hill’s wife Charleen Hill expressed her sadness and devastation after recent news about her husband during her recent interview with CultureMap. His widow highlighted that people were milking the musician, insulting his longtime career and legacy.

Unfortunately, the legendary musician Dusty Hill passed away at his home in Houston, Texas, at the age of 72, on July 28, 2021, but his close friends and bandmates didn’t unveil the cause of death. Losing the bassist such early and unexpected devasted his family, friends, and fans worldwide. According to his wish, the remaining members continued without him, and Elwood Francis replaced Hill.

His fans will surely always remember Hill and his extraordinary talent, which brought him great fame and commercial success. Thus, some people want to use it as an advantage from their pain after the musician’s passing. In one of these incidents, for a state sale that took place between June 10 and 12 at The Guilded Monkey Market warehouse, the organizers announced that the fans would have a chance to buy Hill’s private desk, dining table, a bed with a 9-foot-tall headboard from the star’s former home.

After his widow, Charleen learned what happened in his hometown Texas, and her legal team sent a cease and desist letter to Thom Anderson, Dominique Kendall, and Gilded Monkey Market. She reacted to the event by saying that unscrupulous persons were trying to gain more money after her husband’s death by using his name, which made her very sad. Charleen emphasized that Hill loved his fans so much, but they never thought about selling his belongings as a souvenir, adding that she’s very sorry.

Charleen Hill shared her ideas, saying:

“This is a tragic story of greed and disrespect. It is also the story of unscrupulous persons seeking to take advantage of the name and great reputation of a Texas legend, all so they could make exaggerated sums of money at his expense.

When I found out, I must have cried for three days because Dusty was always all about the fans. It bothered me because of the mere fact that we would have never done that. Considering the fact that stuff went back, you know, some of it 20 years, and then I discovered how much they were charging. I was like, ‘Wait a minute, some of the stuff isn’t even ours.’ I have to say to people, ‘I’m so sorry.'”

Consequently, there’s no doubt that it will turn into a legal battle if the organizers don’t reach an agreement with them or share a proper apology because of their disrespect to the legendary bassist’s legacy. Also, ZZ Top followers will probably react when the news becomes more popular.