Duff McKagan’s ‘Dream Come True’ Moment With Jeff Beck

Duff McKagan gained worldwide fame in Guns N’ Roses, especially during the late 1980s and early 1990s. When McKagan joined Guns N’ Roses, he wasn’t in the original lineup. The band was newly formed, and Duff replaced the bassist Ole Beich. Despite the band’s enormous success, there were some disagreements among the band members, and therefore, McKagan decided to leave the band in 1997.

After his departure from Guns N’ Roses, McKagan formed a few bands, and he also briefly collaborated with various bands like Alice In Chains and Jane’s Addiction. He had already started his solo career in 1993 and released his debut album while playing in the band, but he didn’t release any other solo albums until 2019.

McKagan rejoined Guns N’ Roses in 2016, with whom he enjoyed the height of his career. He probably has many unforgettable moments with the band, one of them being with his childhood hero, Jeff Beck. Let’s see how performing with him during the ‘Use Your Illusion Tour’ was for Duff McKagan.

Duff McKagan Played With His Childhood Hero, Jeff Beck

Guns N’ Roses’ ‘Use Your Illusion Tour’ began on January 20, 1991, and ended on July 17, 1993. The tour consisted of 194 shows in 27 countries, and it is one of the most extended tours in the history of rock music. During the tour, various artists and bands such as Brian May, Lenny Kravitz, Skid Row, and Motörhead appeared as guests.

On June 6, 1992, the band performed in Paris at Hippodrome de Vincennes. After the show, Duff McKagan gave an interview and talked about how it went and the appearance of some legendary names like Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, and Jeff Beck. McKagan recalled watching them while he was a child and said they were all his childhood heroes.

He stated that he didn’t realize how special it was until they played ‘Train Kept a Rollin.” Duff McKagan noted that it was a fantastic moment for him to perform with his heroes and his dream came true. During the interview, he expressed that he still felt astonished and didn’t know what to say.

Here is how Duff McKagan expressed his amazement:

“I was saying when I was 11 or 12 in 1976, I saw the ‘Rocks Tour’ and Jeff Beck was opening for Aerosmith. In the end, for the encore, they played ‘Train Kept a Rollin.” At that age, you know Aerosmith and Jeff Beck were my heroes and I was on the stage today with those very same people, and I told myself back then ‘I’m gonna be there someday.’ You know not necessarily being on stage with them but just being there.

And I was there, and it didn’t really hit me until like halfway through ‘Train Kept a Rollin.’ I’m looking at Jeff Beck, you know Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and there’s you know Slash, Gilby, Matt and me. ‘What am I doing up there’ you know, and they were having a blast because it was literally a blast from the past for them. And we were coming up with different ways to play the song, and they were all into it, and it’s a dream come true. If I seem a bit giddy, there’s a reason for that. I’m still in constant amazement, I don’t know what to say.”

Although there were many important names performing with Guns N’ Roses during the tour, it looks like playing with Aerosmith’s members and Jeff Beck was very special to Duff McKagan.

Duff McKagan Had A Bizarre Moment With Jeff Beck When He Showed A Song To Him

Later on during the interview, Duff McKagan recalled a special moment with Jeff Beck that doubled his astonishment. While Duff was in his hotel room, Jeff Beck came in, and McKagan showed him a song on Beck’s guitar. However, shortly afterward, he realized that it was a huge moment for him.

McKagan stated that Jeff Beck already knew the song he had shown, but there were just a few issues with it. At that moment, Duff McKagan thought that he could never imagine he would be showing a song to Jeff Beck someday. If he had told this to the people around him, they would’ve thought that he just went crazy.

Duff McKagan on showing a song to Jeff Beck:

“We got rehearsals last night, here I am in my hotel room showing Jeff Beck a song on his guitar. It’s like something is wrong here, you know. He already knew the song, there were just a couple of things, but I mean I just thought to myself 15 years ago, 10 years ago, five or a year ago, if I would have seen myself showing Jeff Beck a song, people would’ve thought I was nuts.”

You can watch the entire conversation below.