Dolly Parton Will Ask Ed Sheeran And Miley Cyrus To Sing On Her Rock Album

After taking her place among the 2022 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees, Dolly Parton is now preparing to enter a new era as her rock album is on the way. While she has no intention of touring again to promote her works, the singer is determined to produce new material. In a recent interview with Pollstar, Parton disclosed that she would love to duet with Ed Sheeran and Miley Cyrus in her upcoming rock record.

Apparently, getting nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has motivated Dolly Parton to continue working on new music and back up the title. So, after her latest country album, ‘Run, Rose, Run,’ released in March 2022, the Grammy award-winning music artist is now working on a rock album. As she revealed, Parton also has some names in her mind to sing together.

“There are a couple of people that I love, and I’m going to be asking them maybe to sing with me on my rock album,” the singer said. “Ed Sheeran: I’ve always thought our voices would blend so beautifully together. And I have a particular song I’m going to ask him to sing with me.”

Right after naming Ed Sheeran as one of her dream duet partners, Dolly Parton also declared the other performers she wants to sing with. “And, of course, I’ll ask Miley. I love the Wilson sisters! There are a lot of people I hadn’t thought that much about until I started putting together this rock album. I’m going to be thinking seriously about that now.”

Seemingly, Dolly Parton already has concrete plans for her forthcoming rock album. Besides her desire to work with Sheeran, Cyrus, and the Wilson sisters of Heart, the singer also intends to unite with Robert Plant and Jimmy Page for a cover of ‘Stairway To Heaven.’ She had previously performed a bluegrass cover of the classic song for her ‘Halos & Horns’ album, but this time she wants to be more faithful to the original soul of the track.