Disturbed’s David Draiman Gives Fans Health Update After Tumor Removal

David Draiman of Disturbed recently underwent surgery to get a tumor removed from his right arm. After revealing the news by posting a selfie on Twitter, the singer posted a tweet a day after, giving the latest information about the tumor removal and the biopsy results. The tweet said:

It’s benign! Thank God! I may be performing with a sling for a while…but we’re coming for you Europe, USA, and the rest of the world. Time to remind everyone why we are who we are… We are… Disturbed!”

The singer got hundreds of positive tweets and the fans were thrilled to see him get better.

Draiman, singing in Disturbed since 1996, has been openly talking about his mental health for months on social media. The disclosure about the tumor comes just a few weeks after he revealed he almost took his life due to depression and addiction.

During a gig in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Draiman took a moment before singing ‘A Reason To Fight’ to describe how much he mourned the passing of friends who took their own lives. He mentioned Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell and Scott Weiland.

Now that Draiman has received positive results from the biopsy, Disturbed will embark on a European tour on June 7th, followed by a summer US tour commencing July 11th in Denver. You can get the tickets available here.