Did David Lee Roth Accept Gene Simmons’ Apology?

KISS frontman Gene Simmons talked about his remarks on David Lee Roth about which he apologized later during an interview with 95.5 KLOS. However, Roth’s attitude towards Gene’s latest statement created confusion about whether he accepted the KISS icon’s apology or not.

Following KISS’ decision to continue touring without David Lee Roth, Gene Simmons made some questionable remarks on Roth and his ability to perform. In his statements, Simmons resembled Roth to a ‘bloated naked Elvis on the bathroom floor,’ and Roth responded to this with 18 pictures of a young boy showing his middle finger on his Instagram. Although the bassist apologized to Roth for his rude expressions, the ice between them is not broken yet.

Speaking to 95.5 KLOS, Gene Simmons apologized to Roth once again and added that it wasn’t his intention to hurt David’s feelings. Gene also mentioned that he actually tried to contact Roth in the past week, but he wasn’t able to talk to the former Van Halen frontman. Considering Simmons’ latest update on the ongoing dispute between the two rock legends, Roth might not be ready to accept his apology and bury the hatchet yet.

In the interview, Gene Simmons answered if he ever contacted Roth recently, and said:

“I haven’t. I’ve tried to reach out. I haven’t been able… I never had Dave’s contact info, but historically speaking, I’m the guy that put the band originally on the map – signed them to my deal, produced a 24-track demo. And with that, I’m told how that’s how they got their deal with Warners. I never asked for a dime. That was out of my pocket, and I forgave them whatever they owed me contractually. I just tore up the contract and said, ‘God bless.'”

Apparently, thanks to Gene Simmons, Van Halen became such a successful band and blessed the ears of the fans since then. However, it seems the feud between Gene Simmons and David Lee Roth will not be resolved at any time soon.