Deryck Whibley Has Some Bad News For Sum 41 Fans

In May, Sum 41 announced plans to call it quits after the completion of the worldwide tour for the ‘Heaven :x: Hell’ album. After their  disbandment announcement, frontman Deryck Whibley made new statements. He expressed his desire to redirect his focus and energy towards new ventures. He also talked about their forthcoming final record.  Speaking to the radio show Cjay 92, Deryck Whibley said:

“I’m a big believer in that the music tells you what to do, and it just told me this should be a double album. Once that album was finished, I’d realized, and I’d been thinking this for a while, that I felt like after all these years with my 1,000% focus on Sum 41 all day, every day, I felt like I don’t have much more of that in me to continue past this record. I’ve been in this band since I was in tenth grade, and I just… I’m getting to a point where I’m thinking, I’d like to put some focus and energy into something else. And I felt this is probably the best record we’ve ever made. And I think this version of the band is the best we’ve ever been live. And I thought, what a way to just go out on this one.”

He was asked if he felt any stress while making the album because it would be their last. He said:

“There was no pressure, because we didn’t really know that we were going to make this the last record. When I started writing songs for this record, I didn’t even know I was writing songs for Sum 41. I thought I was writing for other people, because at the beginning of the pandemic, I was getting asked by managers and record labels if I’d work with some of their artists. They were looking for pop-punk stuff. And so I just started writing songs, and I just happened to like them and I didn’t wanna give them away. So I kept them.”

When asked if there is an official release date for ‘Heaven :x: Hell,’ Whibley said:

“There’s no release date for it yet. No, not yet. I have a feeling it’ll probably be early next year, kind of like spring. That’s what I think. All that stuff’s being worked out right now.”

The End Of An Era

As the band prepares for its final album and tour, the announcement of Sum 41’s disbandment will be a bittersweet parting for the punk rock scene. In March, the band posted a heartfelt breakup statement from their X account.


But at least the band members say they will be leaving with their best album.

‘Heaven :x: Hell’ Will Feature One Disc Of Metal-Inspired Songs

Sum 41’s split may be ‘heavy’ for some fans. Because in Whibley’s interview with NME in 2022, he mentioned that the second disc of the double album, ‘Hell’ will include metal-inspired songs. He said:

“There are definitely songs on there that are heavier than anything we’ve ever done before”

And about the first disc ‘Heaven’, he said:

“‘Heaven’ is weird because it doesn’t sound like either of our first two records, but it fits in with that style. It sounds more confident than those early records though.”

Whibley then talked about how they wanted to prove that they were getting better with each album. He said:

“It feels like you’re a new band on every record. It’s a very critical world and every time you put something out into it, everyone has their preconceived thoughts on what you should, can or can’t do. It always feels like you’re proving that you’re still a good band or proving that you’re better than you were.”

Sum 41’s final album is projected to be released around spring 2024.