Demi Lovato Details Her Offer To Guns N’ Roses’ Slash

Demi Lovato recently talked about her songs and shared the details about the offer to the Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash. While answering some questions for Harper’s Bazaar, she was asked about the streams of her song ‘Sorry Not Sorry’. The singer replied:

“I know it’s over a billion because I entered the billions club with ‘Sorry Not Sorry’, so… I don’t know the exact number now but last year it was a billion, which is crazy.”

Lovato was then informed the number was 1.07 billion, to which she reacted with:

“That’s f*cking rad. I had no idea, I thought it was just a billion. 1.07 billion is a lot of streams and I’m really, really proud of it.”

The singer gave detailed information about her work with Slash and her offer to the rocker. She explained:

“The rock version of Sorry Not Sorry sound so good, I’m so proud of it and I actually am getting Slash on it, which is a huge honour and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve known him for years and so when it came time, I just asked him to be a part of it and he said ‘Yes,’ which was so dope.”

The rock version of the song ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ has been transformed with new vocals, production by Warren Felder, Keith Sorrells, and Alex Nice, and a guitar solo by Slash at the end of the song.

Lovato also made an explanation earlier about the mentioned song. The singer expressed her admiration for Slash clearly and said:

“Slash is an iconic artist who I’ve been a fan of for years; it’s an absolute honor to have such a legend like him on the rock version of ‘Sorry Not Sorry.’ […] Creating this project has been incredibly fun and allowed me to express my passion for rock music in a new way, and I feel so much closer to my older music because of it. I can’t wait for everyone to hear more!”

Lovato has been rerecording her biggest hits as rock tracks for some time now, and she will be featuring the songs in her new upcoming album ‘Revamped’, which is scheduled to drop on September 15. Three singles have been released, the first being ‘Heart Attack‘, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the song.

Listen to the new versions of ‘Sorry Not Sorry‘ and ‘Cool For The Summer‘ here, and catch the interview below.