Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott Picks His Favorite Thin Lizzy Song

The recent episode of Planet Rock with Liz Barnes was dedicated to music giant Thin Lizzy. Barnes, who hosted names such as Bernie Marsden, Gary Moore, and Ricky Warwick, asked to hear everyone’s favorite Thin Lizzy songs. Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott also appeared on the show as a huge Thin Lizzy fan, and during the conversation, he revealed that his all-time favorite is ‘Borderline.’

“Weren’t they just a wonderful band,” Joe Elliott exclaimed when asked to share his views on Thin Izzy. “The very fledgling Def Leppard, big, big fans of Thin Lizzy and Phil Lynott. What an absolute hero and a legend as a frontman. Superb stuff for the 1976 album, ‘Johnny The Fox,’ Same year as ‘Jailbreak.’ It came out, like, six months after ‘Jailbreak.’ Who does that these days?”

Thin Lizzy’s 1976 releases ‘Johnny The Fox’ and ‘Jailbreak’ seem to have particularly impressed Elliott. One of the reasons was clearly that these two unforgettable albums were released in the same year. After praising Phil Lynott as the frontman, Elliott continued by revealing his favorite Thin Lizzy song as ‘Borderline.’

Joe Elliott has expressed his admiration for Thin Lizzy during several conversations. “My first memory of Lizzy was ‘Whiskey in the Jar,'” Elliott said in a previous interview with, remembering the band’s 1972 release. “Which was kind of a minor hit in the UK back in ’73. I remember buying the single on Decca records and thinking, ‘Jimi Hendrix look-a-like, nice songs; we’ll see where he goes from there’ sort of thing because everybody gets excited when they’re kids at new music.”

He continued, “A band comes along, whether it’s Bowie or T-Rex or whatever, and you’re just wondering what’s going to happen next. Is it going to be a sustained attack or something? Is it just going to be this one hit? And after that, there wasn’t anything else for three years, and you kind of forgot all about them. This was me in Sheffield, of course. You talk to somebody in Dublin, and they’ll be like, “Oh no, no, no, we heard them all the time.”

From the very first time he heard Thin Lizzy, which was in the early stages of its music career, the frontman seems to have been very impressed with their music. Although he was initially hesitant about how far they would go, Thin Lizzy soon became one of his favorite bands.

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