Deep Purple’s Ian Paice Says Luciano Pavarotti Was Jealous Of Ian Gillan

Italian operatic tenor Luciano Pavarotti once experienced a problem with Deep Purple’s Ian Gillan. Gillan’s bandmate Ian Paice talked about his situation in a recent interview and revealed that Pavarotti was jealous of popular music singers like Gillan.

Ian Gillan is a powerful rock vocalist who spent most of his career in Deep Purple and gained experiences with other bands like Black Sabbath. His on and off stunts with Deep Purple allowed him to establish a solo career as well. He has highly influenced the industry, and Deep Purple also has a prominent space in rock and metal music.

He also influenced other genres, not only with his music but with his emotions and performances. Even though rock and roll seem less emotional than other genres, it requires transferring a range of emotions to the audience. Hence, most rock and roll concerts turn out to be cathartic events for the fans where the music can trigger emotions like sadness, happiness, excitement, and anger.

The operatic tenor Luciano Pavarotti talked about this with Ian Gillan before he passed away. Paice revealed in his recent interview that Pavarotti was jealous of Gillan for having the freedom to express his emotions and for being able to change them every night. There isn’t a need for consistency like there is in opera, where the performer has to sing the same in every performance.

Here is how Pavarotti admitted his jealousy towards Gillan:

“There is a lovely little story between him and Ian Gillan from the rehearsals. Pavarotti was saying, ‘Look, I’m really jealous of you.’ He said, ‘What do you mean? Why are you jealous of me?’ ‘Because every time you sing a song, you can change it every night. You can put your emotion, your inspiration for that night. If I do that with one of the classical arias, I get slated. It has to be the same. It has to be the way they expect it to be.’ The freedom we have in popular music is something that he’s jealous of.”

You can watch Ian Paice’s interview below.