Deen Castronovo Rejoins Journey, Neal Schon Confirms


Neal Schon, vocalist, and guitarist of Journey, confirmed with a Facebook comment that Deen Castronovo, the band’s well-known former drummer and vocalist is rejoining the band.

Journey is a band that underwent a lot of lineup changes since its foundation in 1973. Deen joined the band in 1998 and remained their singer and drummer until 2015. The band fired him in 2015 after he was arrested for a couple of criminal charges, including domestic violence.

However, on July 28, Deen posted a photo on Twitter along with a message stating his excitement for playing with Journey again. He also mentioned that he will join the band immediately and play with the band this weekend at Lollapalooza Festival in Chicago.

Here is what he tweeted:

“My office this week! It’s on! Stoked to be playing with my brothers in Journey this weekend!! Let’s do this! Lollapalooza.

The fans were shocked to see Deen rejoin Journey and they did not quite believe it. On July 29, the fans commented on one of Neal Schon’s Facebook post, asking him if it is true that Deen is rejoining the band. The band’s vocalist and guitarist confirmed that it is true.

Schon also replied to another user who stated their desire to see Deen on stage again. Schon stated that although Deen has joined the band temporarily again, they are also keeping Narada Walden, the band’s current drummer.

Here is what he answered to the user:

“Deen is back. We are double (2) drummers now with Narada.”

Deen and Neal are both excited to play in Lollapalooza this weekend. Since Journey has two drummers right now, the fans are also excited to see how their upcoming performance will be. However, most of the fans are excited to see Deen play on stage again.

You can see Deen’s tweet below.