Dee Snider Shares The Real Reason Why Robert Plant Didn’t Want A Led Zeppelin Reunion


Twisted Sister lead singer Dee Snider was recently interviewed by Express’ George Simpson and he opened up about the main reasons behind neither Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant nor the band’s other remaining members considered a reunion for years.

As you may know, Led Zeppelin members decided not to perform or release any works after the band’s drummer John Bonham died because of asphyxiation on September 25, 1980. A short time later, the band released a press statement and stated that they didn’t want to continue without their beloved friend and bandmate, John Bonham. This statement devastated Led Zeppelin fans all around the world.

However, Led Zeppelin reunited four times for different live events, and also the band’s vocalist Robert Plant and guitarist Jimmy Page formed a new band called Page and Plant while they were collaborating for many other projects. Led Zeppelin’s last reunion concert took place in 2007, at London’s O2 Arena and the band hasn’t performed together since then.

As Robert Plant’s friend Dee Snider said that the last concert was performed to leave a good memory for the band’s longtime fans. Snider also revealed the reason why Led Zeppelin members didn’t want to reunite during his interview. He mentioned that they don’t need that because they have been already producing commercially successful projects separately by adding the age factor prevent them from performing like the old times.

Snider stated in his interview that:

“Let’s just say they don’t need to do it. And that is the motivation for some bands, the need to do it economically. 

I get it, Robert and I have spoken about this. The idea of leaving people with a fond memory. Sometimes we see our heroes, in the sports world, where they overstay and they become a shadow of a great player they once were. Your last memory is of them limping off the field and that’s the moment.

Led Zeppelin pulled it off with The O2 Arena show and I don’t think they want to take a chance of leaving people with less than a fond memory. I respect that. It’s tough because that voice in your brain is still 25 and you’re still thinking, ‘I can do this!’ Then you get up there and you realize, ‘Wait! I can’t do this!’ So I get that.”

Therefore as a dedicated Led Zeppelin fan and Robert Plant’s friend, Dee Snider, shared his thoughts about the band’s reunion saying that the band’s legacy was set in stone, and its members will continue to focus on their solo projects.