Dee Snider Shares The Lyrics Of His Song That Too Depressing To Release

Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider recently tweeted about a deeply depressing Christmas song he never released when one of his fans asked for a present. Then, he decided to reveal its lyrics after another user insisted.

Hardcore Dee Snider fans know that the singer is not only interested in metal music but also different genres such as rock and pop. As it can be understood from the works that he released that he had a great talent for writing and composing songs from various types of music. He had previously unveiled that he even wrote a remarkable Christmas song after his wife Suzette Snider asked him to create it as a gift.

Later, Snider’s song ‘The Magic of Christmas Day (God Bless Us Everyone)’ was featured in Celine Dion’s famous Christmas special album, ‘These Are Special Times’ on October 30, 1998. The album received very positive reviews from its fans and music critics by hitting the charts and becoming very popular at that time. In his recent tweet, Snider admitted that he actually wrote another Christmas song years ago.

However, the Twisted Sister lead singer said the song ‘Death May Be Your Santa Clause’ was too depressing for a Christmas track, so he decided not to release it. The lyrics that Dee shared with his fans explored themes like darkness, fear, and despair, which surprised his fans. On the other hand, some of his fans like the song’s unusual style very much and wanted the singer to release it to be able to listen to it before Christmas.

A fan’s tweet read:

“No present for Christmas!”

Snider responded:

“I once wrote a song called ‘Death May Be Your Santa Clause,’ but it was so depressing I was afraid people would kill themselves! Seriously!”

Another fan replied:

“Would you consider releasing it just for fun one day? I’d love to hear it!

Here’s what Dee Snider wrote:

“Here are some lyrics:

You lie awake in the darkness, no dreams, no sugar plums, dance in your head/ Sad memories how they haunt you. Your future’s black; how it fills you with dread/ You’re brought to your knees, now you crawl/ So filled with despair; there’s no one to save you.”

You can check out the tweets below.