Brian May Praises Yungblud’s Queen Cover By Comparing Him To Freddie Mercury

Maybe, one of the greatest honors for any rocker covering a Queen song would be to be compared to Freddie Mercury. When Yungblud covered a rendition of Queen’s ‘We Are The Champions,’ Brian May couldn’t help but take it on his Instagram and appreciate the young rocker’s cover, which must have thrilled the young musician.

“Every now and then, while idly scrolling in the park, you come upon something that makes you go ‘wow,’” wrote May as he shared a video of Yungblud’s cover and confessed how amazed he was with the rocker’s performance. “And you just have to press that ‘follow’ button. Very classy.”

Brian then addressed all the negativity reflected on the young rocker’s cover. He said, “Well, this has been an eye-opener for me. I’m smiling quietly at all the ‘no’ comments. I remember so clearly the same kind of derision being poured on Freddie when we started out as Queen. As soon as I see someone who can inspire such strong reactions, positive and negative, I’m sure this person is a star performer.”

The guitarist also advised Yungblud to do what he did best as a performer and encouraged him not to mind any negative comments he might receive. May wrote, “But just carry on kicking if you need to; perhaps it will make you feel better! I think the rest of us will keep an open mind.”

So, as Brian came across Yungblud’s cover while scrolling through his IG, he celebrated the rocker by encouraging him to carry on against all the negativity and recalled that Freddie Mercury also had to endure the same negative criticism from all over the place. So, maybe, even though some were not pleased with the Yungblud’s cover, May seemed to be amazed at it, and that’s what might be the most important for the young rocker.