Dee Snider Says Ted Nugent Shouldn’t Be Censored

During a recent conversation with Border City Rock Talk, Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider reflected his thoughts on Ted Nugent, with whom he has had a troubled past. Snider said that nobody, including Nugent, should be censored.

It is publicly known that Dee Snider is sort of sensitive about the issue of censorship, as he previously stated. He also had a long battle with censorship during the 1980s. In a preview interview, the rocker had stated that he is also against today’s cancel culture because it is a form of censorship. Snider explained that it negatively affects his creative process because he feels like he is censoring himself not to hurt anyone with his lyrics.

On the other hand, Ted Nugent has always been a controversial and outspoken figure. He has never hesitated to share his views. Thus, he often faces a public backlash, which makes him worried about his freedom. Nugent stated several times before that he wouldn’t be surprised if he got banned from social media one day. Nugent is also against any form of censorship, and he even has a backup plan in case his social media accounts get banned.

During his recent conversation, Dee Snider once again addressed the issue of censorship and stated that Ted Nugent shouldn’t be censored even if they hold different views. Snider also revealed that he doesn’t intend to apologize to Nugent for laughing at him after he contracted COVID-19. Snider added that everyone, including Nugent, should be free to say whatever they want without fear of censorship.

Dee Snider speaking on Ted Nugent:

“I don’t think you should censor anybody. Ted was very upset with me when the anti-vaxxer anti masker that he has got Covid, I laughed uncontrollably. It said he felt like he was dying, and I laughed, and he wanted an apology. I’m stunned because he’s a guy I learned to shoot my mouth off from.

He’s the Motor City Madman. He’s the one who says he wants to stick an AR-15 up Hilary Clinton’s cooch. I can’t believe that that guy is demanding an apology from me for shooting my mouth off. Ted! You taught me how to do it!”

You can watch the entire conversation below.