Adrian Vandenberg Reveals The Dark Side Of The Rolling Stones Bassist

During a new interview with VRP Rocks, Adrian Vandenberg revealed the surprising womanizer among the Rolling Stones members while discussing his studio memories.

The guitarist initially talked about recording his first album in Jimmy Page’s famous studio. He remembered how impressive it was to meet Page, who arrived in a helicopter. Adrian was amazed to find Led Zeppelin’s famous songs in the tape room, along with Jimmy’s guitars and gear. He continued, reflecting on his encounters with the Stones’ Bill Wyman:

“I guess it inspired me, working with the engineer that works with Jimmy as well, so. But right before us, Bill from the Stones, what’s his name again? Wyman. He, just right before us, finished his solo album, one of the solo albums where he had the hit single, ‘Je Suis un Rock Star,’ and the stories are great.”

Adrian’s Observations Of Bill Wyman

Vandenberg went on to share Wyman’s interest in women:

“The engineer said, ‘Man, you know.’ He was a serious womanizer for pretty young girls. In the morning, like a runner to take one girl to the airport, wait for the other one to arrive, and take that one back to the studio. That’s how it went every day. So he was a pretty virile horny bastard, this Bill Wyman guy, man.”

The Role Of Women In Wyman’s Life

While not as heavy on alcohol and drugs as some other members of the Stones, Wyman had a habit of pursuing many women. The bassist opened up about his obsession with women in a 1987 conversation, saying:

“This life is incredibly destructive. [You overcome it], but the scars are still there. You still have bad dreams. And you still need a crutch sometimes to get you through. I’m lucky because I don’t know what my crutch has been. I suppose it’s been women. There are so many famous people who turned to drugs and alcohol, but I suppose I became totally girl-mad as my crutch.”

The musician has also attracted media attention in the past due to his controversial relationships, including the one with Mandy Smith. They met when she was 13 years old while Wyman was 47. After keeping their relationship a secret for two-and-a-half years, they married in 1989 when Mandy was 18. 

You can watch Vandenberg’s full chat below.