Dee Snider Says Shakira Fans Are After Him For His Comment On Her Super Bowl Performance


Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider recently received a backlash from a tweet he posted two years ago commenting on pop stars Shakira and Jennifer Lopez’s performance at the Super Bowl. He commented on this through his Twitter account and posted a video on Instagram telling his followers that Shakira fans are out to get him.

Known for his snarky comments, Snider had revealed his thoughts about Shakira and Jennifer Lopez’s Super Bowl performance back in 2019. He had claimed that rock music is ignored when it comes to such shows, probably because they don’t ‘shake ass’ enough.

 The tweet received extensive criticism from a Shakira fan two years after Dee posted it on Twitter. The fan claimed that all Snider is trying to achieve is reduce successful women to ‘hot girl shakes ass’ and stressed that he represents what is wrong in this world.

Here is what Snider initially tweeted:

“Wtf!? Shakira and Jennifer Lopez for this year’s NFL halftime show!? Once again, the great heavy music that rocks the stadiums week after week, game after game, is completely ignored. I guess we don’t shake our ass enough!”

To which a Shakira fan replied two years after the tweet:

“Dee Snider, was the last line really necessary? Shakira is living proof that you can be a genius, a philanthropist, a poet, and a mother, and men will still reduce you to ‘that hot girl that shakes ass.’ You’re the problem, you talentless, flag-waving conservative.

Even though the fan’s tweet didn’t get very popular, Snider claimed that the Shakira army is currently coming after him. He posted a video on his Instagram account stating that if something were to happen to him, the Shakira army is responsible, as they have been threatening him.

Here is what he said on Instagram about Shakira’s fans targeting him:

“Well, faithful followers, this could be the end of Shakira fans. The post I did two years ago about Shakira and JLo shaking their asses at the Super Bowl, remember that? And now the Shakira army is literally out to get me. They told me they’re going to finish me so if I suddenly disappear, you know what happened. Peace!”

Even though he later tweeted that he has no problem with Shakira but just her 2019 performance, he still used phrases such as ‘one woman shakes ass’ and ‘the other on the pole,’ igniting yet another argument about Snider reducing successful women. Neither Shakira nor Lopez replied to any of Snider’s comments yet.

This is what Dee Snider said in his latest tweet:

“As I said, I have no issue. I just didn’t feel that the JLo and Shakira Super Bowl halftime show a couple of years ago had mass appeal. One woman on the pole, the other shaking her ass. The Shakira Army has a backlog of imagined insults to follow up on & they must have just got to mine.”

You can see the tweets mentioned below.