Dee Snider Says He’s More Metal Than Ever But The Audience Aren’t Ready For What He’ll Bring To The Stage

Twisted Sister frontman, Dee Snider posted a tweet on his Twitter account revealing that he was very excited about his upcoming solo live performances. He also mentioned that his style became more metal than ever and he was not sure that the audience was definitely ready for it.

Apart from his remarkable musical career in the iconic heavy metal band, Twisted Sister, Dee Snider has been pursuing a very successful solo career. Until now, he released four solo studio albums entitled ‘Never Let the Bastards Wear You Down,’ ‘Dee Does Broadway,’ We Are the Ones,’ and ‘For the Love of Metal.’ Dee’s albums received very positive reviews both from fans and critics.

Since the release of his latest fourth studio album in 2018, the fans have been waiting impatiently for hearing new works of Snider. Recently, Dee announced that his fifth solo studio album entitled ‘Leave a Scar’ will be released on July 30, 2021. He has already released the album’s first single, ‘I Gotta Rock (Again)’ on May 27, 2021, which was appreciated by his fans a lot.

Recently on Twitter, Snider shared his thoughts and feelings about his live performance on June 11, 2021, in New York. He mentioned that he was very excited for his first live show in two years. Dee also stated that he is more metal than ever now, yet he is not sure whether the audience coming to his filming is ready for what he will bring.

Later, when a fan asked Dee to perform ‘The Price’ on his upcoming performance, he said that he would perform another ballad. When another fan requested Snider not to perform ‘Beth,’ he said he will never sing it. Dee stated that he will perform new songs from his upcoming album and Twisted Sister hits in his concert.

Here’s what Snider shared:

“The night before my 1st show in almost 2 years & I’m feeling the audience coming to this filming is not ready for what I’m gonna bring. I grew up on Long Island & some of these fans have followed me since the ’70s. I’m more metal than ever! Just not sure they are…oh well.

Here’s a fan asked:

“It better not be Beth!

Here’s what Snider wrote:

Never! Tomorrow night I am premiering a bunch of new stuff from my coming album ‘Leave a Scar,’ playing songs from my last album ‘For the Love of Metal’ and a handful of Twisted Sister songs. I am a solo artist now and have found my sound. It’s fucking heavy!

You can see the tweets below.