Dee Snider Says He Can’t Believe Ted Nugent Expects An Apology From Him

Ted Nugent and Dee Snider’s feud seems to be continuing after Snider made fun of Nugent after he contracted Covid-19 since he didn’t believe it was real in the first place. Nugent had bashed Snider for being inconsiderate a few weeks ago and expected an apology, yet Snider doesn’t think he did anything wrong.

After the Covid-19 virus spread across the globe, the governments put restrictions on the citizens for public health and protection against the spreading. The masks, lockdowns, and later vaccines were brought to decrease the spreading of the virus. However, while many people trusted it was for their health, many others believed that the entire pandemic was a hoax, and the restrictions were limiting their human rights.

Especially after the emergence of the vaccine, not many people wanted to inject something they didn’t know in their bodies and claimed that it was an experiment on humans rather than a solution to the pandemic. Hence, the world was divided into two, and those who were against the restrictions and didn’t follow the guidelines still contracted the virus. Ted Nugent was one of the people who believed that the virus was made in a lab in China, and the vaccine is an experiment on people.

Because he was an anti-vaxxer, many people mocked him after he contracted the virus and got heavily sick. Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider also commented on the news of him getting sick by stating that ‘it is beautiful.’ Nugent took this to his heart and was deeply offended by the singer’s words. He called him a dirtbag for mocking someone’s illness and demanded an apology.

Snider was shocked to hear that Nugent wanted an apology because, as he put forward, he learned to blurt offensive things out from Nugent himself. He mentioned in Border City Rock Talk that Nugent is the type of person who talks about violating people, yet he has no tolerance when it comes to him. He continued by stating that he wasn’t offended by Nugent’s comments about him being a dirtbag but, he is surprised that he is asking for an apology for his words.

Here is what Snider said about Nugent:

“I don’t think you should censor anybody. Ted was very upset with me when the anti-vaxxer anti masker that he has got Covid, I laughed uncontrollably. It said he felt like he was dying, and I laughed, and he wanted an apology. I’m stunned because he’s a guy I learned to shoot my mouth off from. He’s the Motorcity madman. He’s the one who says he wants to stick an AR-15 up Hilary Clinton’s cooch. I can’t believe that that guy is demanding an apology from me for shooting my mouth off. Ted! You taught me how to do it!

I wasn’t upset by what he said. First of all, when I presented the Grammy awards in 1984 or 1985, I said this is the first time I opened the envelope, and it’s the first time a dirtbag has ever done that. So, I’ve called myself a dirtbag. I said that on that international television. So, yeah ‘he’s a dirtbag.’ And, yeah? It is a mindless matter of opinion. I wasn’t upset by Nugent shooting his mouth off, I just thought it was kind of funny that the guy who taught me how to shoot my mouth off and blurt things out was upset because I shot my mouth and blurt things out about him. I guess that’s where the line is drawn, can’t be about Nugent.

You can watch the interview below.