Dee Snider Recalls Launching His Life Mission To Be A Beatle

Dee Snider recently spoke about the first-ever band he became a fan of as a rock and roll listener. While he stated that it was the Beatles, he also revealed that he wanted to be a Beatle but couldn’t, so he figured out something else.

The Beatles are probably the most influential band in rock and roll history. Their harmonies and instrumental and vocal capabilities gave them a successful career lasting ten years. Besides their musical abilities, the members’ sensitivity towards emotions and social and political issues have been significant factors in making them one of the greatest bands in history.

Hence, they are an inspiration for many musicians regardless of the genre, and apparently, Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider is one of them. Twisted Sister was known to be an anarchist band that stood up to oppression with their songs. Songs like ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ and ‘I Wanna Rock’ have become anthems of rebellion throughout the years.

In his recent interview, Dee Snider spoke about the first band he ever fell in love with and said that even though it’s a cliche, it’s definitely the Beatles. He also said that he wanted to be a Beatle, but after he found out it’s impossible as a child, he established a band of his own and named it ‘Snider’s Spiders.’

Here is what he said about the first band he fell in love with:

“This is a boring one because it’s so many artists of my era’s first, and that’s the Beatles. I don’t know if it was ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’ or ‘Twist and Shout,’ but it was one of those songs. They just captured the imagination. They captured the world’s imagination. And they certainly launched me on my life mission to be a Beatle. Although I quickly found out, you couldn’t be a Beatle. So then I became a ‘Snider Spiders.’ But then the guys decided they didn’t like the idea that my name was the name in the title. But anyway, yeah, the Beatles.”

In the same interview, he stated that the first album he ever bought was also a Beatles one, and the first-ever band he played with was ‘Snider’s Spiders’, an elementary school band. With the influence of the Beatle’s names, the rockstar launched his musical career with Snider’s Spiders.