Dee Snider Recalls A Lemmy Kilmister Show Almost Made Him Unconscious


Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider recently shared a Twitter post and reflected on one of his horrifying stage memories with Lemmy Kilmister, during which he almost passed out.

Respected by so many artists and fans in the rock community, Lemmy Kilmister has been a massive inspiration for younger generations with his incredible musical talent. Dee Snider, a friend of Kilmister, is also known for his great admiration for the late singer and Motörhead. In addition, Kilmister was a significant figure in Twisted Sister’s early career.

One time in 1982, Kilmister brought Twisted Sister to one of Motörhead’s shows at a festival. Twisted Sister attracted great attention with their performance. It was an important step in the band’s career since they didn’t have an album yet. Dee Snider said in the past that he will always be grateful to Kilmister for his contribution to the band’s career.

In his recent tweet, the rocker recalled one of his memories with Motörhead at a festival in Italy. While performing ‘Killed By Death’ with the band, Snider decided to sing in front of Lemmy Kilmister’s amplifiers, ‘Murder One and Murder Two.’ However, he immediately had to step back due to the loud sound of the late singer’s amplifiers. The singer remembered it as a horrifying stage experience that would almost cause him to lose consciousness.

Dee Snider’s Twitter post read:

“While singing ‘Killed By Death’ with Motörhead at a festival in Italy, I thought it would be cool to rock out in front of Lemmy’s amplifiers ‘Murder One & Murder Two.’ I got a blinding instant migraine and stumbled back from the amps trying not to lose consciousness!”

You can check out the tweet below.