Dee Snider Reacts To Lady Gaga Wearing Twisted Sister T-shirt

Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider recently posted a photo of a pop star on his Twitter account and shared his views on Lady Gaga’s decision to wear a t-shirt with TW’s logo, while stressing that it didn’t surprise him at all.

As you know, Dee Snider rose to fame during the ’80s as the lead singer of the famous hair metal band Twisted Sister. The band came to be known as one of the pioneers of metal music and they are still highly influential. Thus, there’s a lot of merchandise that is often purchased by Twisted Sister fans.

However, there have also been numerous instances that pop stars or famous figures such as Kim Kardashian decided to put on rock and metal t-shirts just because they like the logos. This was criticized by many, who stated that if someone wants to wear a band t-shirt, the least they can do is to know the band’s songs.

Recently, Lady Gaga posted a photo on her Instagram account in which she can be seen wearing a Twisted Sister t-shirt. Dee posted this photo on his Twitter account and said that he’s not surprised. Following that, a fan pointed out that most people nowadays wear classic rock and metal shirts but don’t know anything about the musicians themselves.

They went on to say that if they were to ask one of those ‘kids’ about the shirt, their response would be that they ‘just like the shirt.’ Dee Snider responded to the fan’s tweet and said that they’re right. However, he went on to add that Lady Gaga actually knows Twisted Sister and that she actually stole his look when trying to make it in the music industry.

Dee Snider reacted to Lady Gaga’s post by saying:

“Can’t say I’m surprised.”

And a fan commented:

“Awesome, but I hope she actually knows all of the music! The thing nowadays is kids wearing classic hard rock & metal shirts, but they got no F’n clue about the music or may know a song or two. Ask 1 of them about their shirt, or fave song, ‘Yeah IDK, I just like the shirt!'”

To which Snider responded:

“You are right, but I’m pretty sure Lady Gaga does. She stole a lot of her look from me!

You can check out both tweets below.