Dee Snider On Ozzy Osbourne’s Longevity, ‘If He Had A Heart Attack, Sharon Would Shock Him Back To Life’

In a conversation on The Jasta Show, Dee Snider has commented upon what kept Ozzy Osbourne alive and kicking throughout the years, while mentioning the fact that Sharon Osbourne would do anything including shocking him back to life if he had a sudden heart attack.

Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider has recently announced the release of his fifth album titled ‘Leave A Scar,’ which will be released on July 30 via Napalm Records. Talking about his new projects during The Jasta Show, Snider stated that he used the album as an output of the anger, feelings of unease, and pain he felt during the lockdown. He has already released the first two singles of his album, ‘I Gotta Rock (Again)’ and ‘Time To Choose.’

During a recent interview, Dee Snider has commented upon being at an old age, saying he had discovered the fountain of youth, and suggested the older metal fans get harder and happier with age. He then mentioned Ozzy Osbourne, saying that he thinks this is what is keeping him alive, along with the defibrillator on his bus. Snider added that the defibrillator was on the bus because Sharon would never let him miss a show, shocking him back to life and throwing him out on the stage if Ozzy had a heart attack.

Dee Snider said during the show that:

“I have discovered the fountain of youth – it is getting harder and heavier as you get older. It’s inspiring. If you’re an older metal fan, don’t get lighter with age, get harder with age, and get happier with age. That’s what’s keeping Ozzy alive, I think. That and the defibrillator that’s on the bus, which you probably heard about. You know they used to carry a defibrillator on the bus because there’s no way Sharon was letting him miss a show. If Ozzy had a heart attack, you know Sharon would be like, ‘Clear!’, shock him back to life and throw him out on the stage.”<

It is known that recently Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have celebrated their 39th anniversary together. As it appears from the long time they have spent together, Sharon is one of the reasons contributing to Ozzy’s longevity with her professional partnership along with her longstanding love for her husband.