Dee Snider Explains Why They Went On Celebrity Family Feud, ‘They Don’t Know Shit About Us’


Twisted Sister’s lead singer Dee Snider recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account and revealed the reason why he and his family decided to go on a television program while boasting about being the first rock/metal family to ever be invited.

As you know, Dee Snider was one of the most popular lead vocalists back in the ’80s and he achieved great fame with Twisted Sister. Although he quit the band shortly after reaching international popularity, he remained in the rock and metal scene with his solo career and numerous side projects.

While rockstars are often known for their crazy lifestyle and backstage antics, Dee Snider is a pretty stable family man. He has been married to Suzette Snider for 45 years and they have four great kids. Recently the Sniders attended Celebrity Family Feud where they competed against the former football player Terry Bradshaw and his family.

In the end, it was the Sniders who won and they received $25K which they will donate to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans. In his recent tweet, Dee Snider expressed his happiness for winning and said that he knows they were the first metal family to ever appear on the show.

He then went on to say that they really managed to show their true colors and represent the rock community well. It seems like Snider was aware that people were expecting to see a wild family as ‘they don’t know shit about the kind of people we are.’ Thus, he felt proud that the Sniders managed to surprise them.

Dee Snider shared his views with these words:

“I can tell you this about tonight’s Celebrity Family Feud… My family and I knew we were the 1st rock/metal family to ever be on the show and we were out to show everyone (besides metal fans) they don’t know shit about ‘the kind of people we are.’ They weren’t ready for the Sniders!”

You can check out the tweet and watch Dee introduce his family on the show below.