Dee Snider Explains How He Got Revenge On Robert Plant

Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider joined an interview with Louder Sound for a featured article in which he shared the story of getting even with Led Zeppelin’s lead singer Robert Plant.

Back on April 17, 1998, Dee Snider and Robert Plant attended the wedding of the son of Snider’s manager Phil Carson. After realizing that Plant was also there at the reception, Snider approached the musician and asked him if he had any intention to perform there. To answer his question, the Led Zeppelin frontman said he did not have any intentions to do so. Since both of them were not up for singing at weddings, this was not that much of a deal.

However, after a while, Snider realized that Plant was on the stage singing Elvis Presley’s ‘Jailhouse Rock’ in addition to two other songs. After that, Dee’s manager approached him and asked if he will also perform after Robert Plant. As Led Zeppelin singer violated their agreement, Snider decided to get on the stage to sing Led Zeppelin’s ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll.’ At the end of the song, Plant approached the stage and sang the last word from the song.

Last year, one of his fans reminded Snider of this incident and asked if he is still on good terms with Plant. Snider then told the fan that they love each other implying there is no bad blood between the two. Recently, Snider again remembered what happened at that wedding in the new interview he joined. He stated that although people didn’t believe he is not that brave to sing a Led Zeppelin song, he successfully took revenge from Plant by singing it.

In the interview by Louder Sound, Dee Snider recalled the incident as:

“I know Robert a little better than Jimmy. One time we went to a mutual friend’s wedding. We promised each other that under no circumstances would we sing at the reception. Well, we couldn’t have been there more than 20 minutes when Robert got up on stage. So I thought: ‘I’m getting even with you, Plant, I’m going to do ‘Rock And Roll.”

People didn’t believe I had the sack – the bollocks, as you might say – to sing a Zeppelin track. Towards the end, Robert snaked his way through the crowd and sat on the side of the stage, tapping his feet. I wailed ‘lonely, lonely, lonely,’ and Robert sang the final word, ‘time.’ That was pretty funny.”

As it appears, this incident resulted in Robert Plant opening for Dee Snider. Moreover, Snider took his revenge in a quite clever way as Plant once told him that he didn’t like hearing his songs at all.