David Lee Roth Says ‘The Homeless Guy’ In Front Of His House Was A Spy And Explains How He Realized That

Van Halen’s former frontman and contemporary visual artist, David Lee Roth, recently posted a series of brand new sketches on his Instagram account and told the story of how numerous people approached him while he was climbing the ladder of fame to spy on him.

David Lee Roth rose to fame as the lead singer of the iconic band Van Halen, and although he also had a highly successful solo career after VH’s disbandment, in the past year he’s been making it to our headlines with his non-music projects. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Roth has hit the brakes on his music career and has started working on his skills as a visual artist.

He recently made it to our headlines with his story about the woman who broke into his house to spy on him. While fans thought that that was it, just a couple of days ago, he posted three new sketches with which revealed the extent of spying that took place which still seems to be something he runs into.

Apparently, ‘eyes and ears’ is a widespread program in the United States and there are thousands of people on it. For instance, he said that the “homeless” guy who’s been parked outside his home for weeks is obviously one of those as his fingernails and teeth are clean and he’s wearing cologne.

On top of those clues, Diamond Dave went on to add that he caught him playing with his smartphone right before Roth exited the house. It is clear that there’s no fooling David Lee Roth but the fact that there are so many ‘eyes and ears’ surrounding him sure must be uncomfortable and stressful.

Here’s what he said in his first sketch:

“Every city in the U.S.A. has an ‘eyes and ears’ program. In L.A. every 4th landscaper, bartender, limo driver, guitar tech, pool cleaner, and personal assistant is in on it. Training is usually about a week. It’s not a new idea… Run rite it’s a big help.

That homeless fella with the shopping cart who’s been parked outside your studio for two weeks? He’s wearing cologne, his fingernails are clean and so are his teeth.”

He went on to say:

“Hey 12 tribes, Jah Love, Bruddah…

Is that big hat where you keep your pot? Or is it that where you just stashed that sexy new smartphone I saw you talking into before I came downstairs? Someone ironed those cammos recently…”

Finally, he wrote:

Hazing works to disrupt… Hazing calls attention… The goal is to create a ‘behavior change.’

Every Walmart union organizer, voters rites demonstrator, and coal miner’s daughter knows hazing.”

You can check out David Lee Roth’s tweet below.