David Lee Roth Says ‘Stay Tuned’ To His Fans While Confirming That He Got His Covid-19 Vaccine

Former Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth shared a post on his official Twitter page revealing another artwork from his ‘Soggy Bottom’ series, revealing that he got the coronavirus vaccine in addition to stating that his fans should stay tuned since Roth has his dancing shoes on.

As you might already know, David Lee Roth has been sharing his hand-drawn comic series named ‘Soggy Bottom,’ which often includes illustrations related to current incidents in the world both on his official website and social media accounts since the coronavirus pandemic started. Roth portrays these events from his own unique perspective as an artist and fans have been eating up his drawings since then.

Recently, the legendary frontman shared another ‘Soggy Bottom’ episode on his official Twitter page revealing to his fans that he got the coronavirus vaccine which was a huge relief to them as they all stated under Roth’s post, expressing their gratitude for him being healthy and safe.

In addition to giving good news to his fans about his health, David Lee Roth also gave a mysterious message to his fans by stating that he’s trying brand new dancing shoes which may be indicating that he’s getting ready for a show or something similar, regardless, Roth stated that his fans must stay tuned for further announcements.

Here is what Roth said:

Got my CV5 vaccination; tryin’ out my brand new steppin’ shoes…

Stay tuned!!”

You can see the Twitter post below.