David Lee Roth Says Eddie Van Halen Was Way Better At Business Than Him

Van Halen’s iconic frontman David Lee Roth recently uploaded a video on his YouTube channel in which he detailed his contribution to Eddie Van Halen‘s signature guitar Frankenstrat and reflect on his abilities as a businessman which was better than Roth’s.

Eddie Van Halen built his signature guitar Frankenstrat from parts to combine classic Gibson guitar sound with the physical appearance and tremolo bar function of a Fender Stratocaster. The Frankenstrat was originally black but was later painted red with black and white stripes on it.

Back in 2004, Eddie collaborated with Fender to release the Edward-endorsed Art Series guitars under Fender’s Charvel brand. Later on, the guitarist developed his own EVH brand. In 2007, with Fender, he released the first EVH branded amplifiers and a limited-edition guitar inspired by his ‘Frankenstrat.’

Later on, in 2013, Eddie’s brand EVH released a line of ‘Frankenstrat’ replicas which are the original pick-guarded Frankenstrat, the one based on the Charvel ‘Bumblebee,’ and the famous red, white, and black Frankenstrat, as well as a more affordable replica named ‘Franky.’

Recently, David Lee Roth shared an artwork titled ‘Big Wave’ on his Twitter account. Upon seeing that, his fans pointed out the similarity between the artwork and the design of Eddie’s Frankenstrat. Later on, DLR uploaded a video on his YouTube to reveal that he actually contributed to the guitar’s design.

In the video, Roth also stated that he only gave Eddie Van Halen ideas, and Eddie was the one who gave Frankenstrat its signature look. Following that, the singer claimed Eddie is better than him in business, and he started an industry that is not just a franchise but a way of thinking about guitar.

David Lee Roth stated in the video that:

“Eddie was way better at business than I have ever been. They started an industry. It’s not just a franchise. It’s a way of thinking about guitar. It’s one of the most recognizable symbols of all time in the sport in this regard here.

Somebody somewhere said, ‘Wouldn’t it be easier…’ which is Latin for, ‘Spray paint the motherfucker and pull the tape. That design wouldn’t have gone anywhere without Eddie sending it and giving it the shape and shine that it did. I’m just proud to have been part of it. The first part.”

You can see DLR’s artwork called ‘Big Wave’ on Twitter and watch his video on Youtube below.