David Gilmour’s ‘Alarming Time’ In Pink Floyd


Pink Floyd reached the height of their career in the early 1970s with the highly successful albums that followed one another. Under the creative control of their bassist Roger Waters, the band released some of their most groundbreaking records, ‘The Dark Side of the Moon,’ ‘Wish You Were Here,’ and ‘The Wall.’ Although the band seemed to enjoy the success of their career, personal and creative tensions followed.

These conflicts would come to such a point that the band’s founding members, Richard Wright and Roger Waters, would eventually leave Pink Floyd. While their keyboardist Richard Wright rejoined the band later, there was no turning back for Waters. Let’s look at how his decision to part ways with the band affected Pink Floyd, according to David Gilmour.

David Gilmour Called Roger Waters’ Departure ‘Alarming Time’


Creative and personal divisions between David Gilmour and Roger Waters were there since the early days of Pink Floyd. Still, they managed to keep it under control until the recording process of their 1983 album, ‘The Final Cut.’ The two musicians were at such odds with each other that they couldn’t even stand working together, causing them to record the album separately. The bassist couldn’t solve his problems with the rest of the band and departed in 1985.

Losing a bandmate like Waters, who had played such a massive role in the creative process of Pink Floyd, was a big challenge for the remaining members. Yet, Gilmour still saw a future for Pink Floyd after Waters quit, so he decided to continue without him. In an interview with The Sun in 2019, David Gilmour reflected on the difficulties he had following Roger Waters’ departure.

The guitarist described the period after Waters as an ‘alarming time‘ for Pink Floyd. He was pretty worried about how to move on, but he still believed in the band’s potential. Gilmour admitted that Waters’ contribution to the band was enormous since he was the main creative force behind Pink Floyd’s works. However, the guitarist overcame this difficult period and put the band back on track.

David Gilmour speaking about the period after Waters quit:

It was an alarming time. It was a big thing to carry on Pink Floyd with Roger having gone. He was a big, big part of it, a major talent, and our primary lyricist. So it was difficult.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Gilmour also talked about his and Waters’ different musical personalities. The guitarist said he was more into melodic styles, while Roger Waters adopted an aggressive sound while making music. Yet, he still admitted that this contrast helped them reach that massive success.