David Gilmour Recalls Warning Roger Waters To Do What He’s Told ‘Or Fuck Off’ During Pink Floyd’s Live 8 Reunion


During a recent interview with Guitar Player, Pink Floyd co-founder and guitarist David Gilmour talked about the time when Pink Floyd reunited with Roger Waters in 2005 for the first time in 24 years at the Live 8 concert and revealed the behind-the-scenes fight they had before going on stage.

As you know, Pink Floyd is considered to be one of the most influential and well-known bands of the mid-’60s and ’70s. The band is known both for their immense contributions to rock music and culture, but also for the unending feud between the co-founders Roger Waters and David Gilmour which dates back to 1985 when the first decided to leave the band.

Although Waters appeared on stage with Pink Floyd a couple of times, the band never got back together and the reason for that was given during Gilmour’s recent interview. He recalled the Live 8 concert that Pink Floyd gave back on July 2, 2015, at London’s Hyde Park, which featured the long gone lead vocalist, Roger Waters.

Live 8 concerts were a series of benefit concerts that took place in 10 locations and numerous famous musicians such as Paul McCartney, Madonna, U2, Robbie Williams, and Elton John, got on stage in order to raise awareness on the plight of the poverty-stricken. Prior to the concert, Gilmour made an announcement and clarified the reason why Waters will join them on stage.

This is what he said in the announcement:

“Like most people I want to do everything I can to persuade the G8 leaders to make huge commitments to the relief of poverty and increased aid to the third world. It’s crazy that America gives such a paltry percentage of its GNP to the starving nations. Any squabbles Roger and the band have had in the past are so petty in this context, and if re-forming for this concert will help focus attention then it’s got to be worthwhile.”

Even though it was for 25 minutes only, Waters reunited with Pink Floyd after almost two and a half decades, and they performed ‘Speak to Me/Breathe/Breathe (Reprise),’ ‘Money,’ ‘Wish You Were Here,’ and ‘Comfortably Numb.’ However, as it turns out, Roger Waters was not happy with the setlist.

During the interview, Gilmour said that although he enjoyed the performance, they had a ‘few days of very tense rehearsals’ as he and Roger hadn’t spoken to each other in years. When it came to deciding the setlist, Waters had his own ideas but Gilmour said that he didn’t care for them as they were Pink Floyd and Waters was their guest, so ‘he can just do what we tell him to do or fuck off.’

Here’s what the interviewer asked:

“What are your memories of performing at Live 8?”

To which Gilmour responded:

“I thoroughly enjoyed it, though we had a few days of very tense rehearsals. Roger and I hadn’t spoken to each other for years.”

And the interviewer asked:

“How did you decide what to play?”

David Gilmour replied:

“We made suggestions and Roger made suggestions, and I didn’t care for Roger’s suggestions. In the end, I thought, ‘Actually, we’re Pink Floyd and he’s our guest, and he can just do what we tell him to do or fuck off.'”

Which led the interviewer ta ask:

“What did he suggest?”

And Gilmour said:

He wanted to do ‘Money’ – which we all did actually – and ‘Another Brick in the Wall’ and ‘In the Flesh.'”

You can click here for the source and watch Pink Floyd performing together after 24 years below.