David Ellefson Admits He Should Hate Grunge As A Metal Guy

During a new interview with Ultimate Guitar, David Ellefson talked about his love for grunge.

The bassist reflected on how grunge affected him when it became popular in the 1990s:

“I loved grunge music. And I know that was not cool for a heavy metal guy to say that, especially a thrash metal guy. Because a lot of careers were pretty much upended because of Seattle music.”

He went on to reveal grunge’s impact on Megadeth:

“And look, Megadeth, we had to make some transitions. ‘Cryptic Writings’ in particular was an album that was designed to reinvent the band at American Active Rock Radio. Or, we’d just go tour, tour, tour, and like some of our contemporaries, took us back down to clubs and theaters. Whereas with ‘Cryptic Writings,’ it kept us as an arena rock band. We got to headline radio station events, which were big festivals at that time.”

Dave Mustaine’s Words On How Megadeth Survived At The Time

In a 2023 Guitar World interview, Dave Mustaine talked about their fifth album, ‘Countdown To Extinction,’ which came out shortly after releases from Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden changed the music scene. He said:

“It was our biggest record. That’s pretty much the way I measure it. A lot of it was because of the timing; it came out in ’92, and ’92 was when everything was imploding because of alternative music. You had Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Mother Love Bone, and Blind Melon f*cking things up, and radio gravitated toward that. They thought the yuppies would listen to alternative music while drinking their Stella Artois [Laughs]. The types who don’t drink Miller High Life and definitely don’t listen to metal.”

Mustaine also said in the rest of his interview that Megadeth chose not to change their style to fit the trend. Despite some minor changes for the record label, they stayed true to their music.