David Draiman Shares His Favorite Bon Jovi Song Of All Time

When David Draiman, the charismatic frontman of Disturbed, recently tweeted about his all-time favorite Bon Jovi song, fans and followers couldn’t help but join the lively conversation that ensued afterward between him and Mitch Lafon.

It’s no secret that Disturbed has a penchant for covering songs from various artists, often including them on most of their albums since their debut. The band’s decision to incorporate these covers has always been rooted in the sheer enjoyment they derived from the process.

In a departure from tradition, their latest album, ‘Divisive,’ did not feature any cover songs, and the band members explained that they were having so much fun with their original material that they didn’t feel the need for covers this time around. However, they did not rule out the possibility of revisiting cover songs in future albums, which is the point where the vocalist’s recent Twitter exchange arose.

The conversation that captured the attention of fans began with Bon Jovi asking his followers to share their favorite songs from his catalog. Among the numerous responses, David Draiman weighed in with his own choice, providing a concise answer that left fans eager for more.

Jovi wrote in his tweet:

“We’re listening! What’s your favorite Bon Jovi song of all time?”

As the singer revealed his most beloved to be:

Dead or Alive.

Once Draiman’s reply caught the eye of rock/metal journalist Mitch Lafon, the conversation took an interesting turn. Lafon playfully inquired when fans could expect a cover of the song from Disturbed. Keeping up with the light-hearted spirit of the exchange, the musician responded by saying he would consider adding it to the growing list of cover requests they’ve received.

The journalist’s question went as follows:

“When do we get a Disturbed cover of it?”

And the frontman’s answer read:

“I’ll add it to the list of covers we’ve been asked to do. Lol!”

While Draiman’s response was undoubtedly delivered with a touch of humor, it’s worth noting that the band most likely receives a significant number of cover requests. Fans have come to enjoy and appreciate Disturbed’s unique take on various tracks over the years. Consequently, the prospect of hearing a Disturbed version of ‘Dead or Alive’ in the future is an exciting one.