David Crosby Says He Was There With Bob Dylan Getting The Beatles Stoned

David Crosby recently revealed that when The Beatles smoked weed for the first time, he was there alongside Bob Dylan.

CSNY’s David Crosby and the Beatles are the same generation musicians. The Beatles were active for ten years between 1960-1970, and David Crosby’s musical career began in 1964. The musicians often partied after shows and tours and used drugs, which were not strictly forbidden back then. The Beatles had made similar plans for after their concert in 1964.

Singer and songwriter Bob Dylan was also there, and he went to the other room to smoke some weed. Ringo Starr followed him and tried some of Dylan’s weed. He came back high, which made the other members want to try it. This was the first time The Beatles got high, which was a memorable experience for them. The weed was so strong that Ringo Starr told his bandmates that the ceiling was ‘coming down.’

On Twitter, a fan published the news of Paul McCartney talking about how Bob Dylan gave them a potent weed back in the day and tagged David Crosby. The fan asked the CSNY musician if the news article was accurate, and Crosby replied by indicating that he was there when they got high and influenced The Beatles’ ‘first time’ with weed.

Here is what the fan asked:

“How much truth to this is there, David Crosby?

Paul McCartney says Bob Dylan gave The Beatles weed so potent it made them feel like the ceiling was coming down.”

Here is what Crosby replied:

“He and I both did.”

You can see the tweets below.