David Crosby Says He And James Taylor Released Their Best Material After Their Prime Time

The Byrds frontman David Crosby took his official Twitter account to share a new post and revealed his thoughts on James Taylor.

As Crosby replies almost every question he got from his followers on Twitter, one of the fans asked about who released the best material after their prime time period they associated with.

While Crosby was showing off his perfect talent by just simply saying that the answer is himself, he also praised the talent of the six-time Grammy winner James Taylor.

Crosby stated that James made one of the best records of his life last year with the ‘American Standard’ album and pointed out that it is an amazingly good album that has stunning writings.

One of the fans of Crosby asked:

“Here’s an open ended question for all the music dweebs who follow me: which artists’ best material was made well after the primary time period they’re associated with?”

After saying that the answer is himself, David Crosby also praised Taylor:

“James Taylor made one of the best records of his life last year… Stunning writing… Just amazingly good.”

You can check out the post below.