David Crosby Releases A New Song ‘Rodriguez For A Night’ From His New Album ‘For Free’


Wired magazine editor and longtime friend of David Crosby, Steve Silberman announced the release of Crosby’s latest single ‘Rodrigez for a Night’ which belonged to his upcoming eighth solo studio album ‘For Free.’ Crosby teamed up with Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen for his latest track.

David Crosby released his seventh solo studio album entitled ‘Here If You Listen’ on October 26, 2018. Crosby collaborated with different musicians, Michael League, Becca Stevens, and Michelle Willis as the vocalists and the guitarists of the album’s tracks. The fans have been impatiently waiting for his new album since the release of ‘Here If You Listen.’

Crosby previously revealed the release date and the details for his upcoming eighth solo studio album ‘For Free.’ He collaborated with his son and CPR bandmate, James Raymond, who became both the co-writer and producer of the album. Crosby released a new single from the album, ‘Rodrigez for a Night,’ before the release of ‘For Free’ on July 23, 2021.

He also collaborated with Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen for the latest track of his upcoming album. Crosby’s longtime friend and editor, Steve Silberman, announced the release of ‘Rodrigez for a Night’ on June 23, 2021, and reflected his admiration for the song. He mentioned that the song became a tribute to Steely Dan’s songs by preserving its uniqueness. The song received very positive reviews from both Crosby fans and Steely Dan fans.

Silberman’s tweet read:

“Here’s the David Crosby and his son James Raymond’s long-awaited collaboration with Donald Fagen, ‘Rodriguez for a Night,’ from Croz’s new album ‘For Free.’ I like how it pays tribute to Steely Dan’s sound without being an imitation.

You can see the tweet and listen to the song below.