David Crosby Explains How His Near Death Experience Changed Him

The Byrds member David Crosby reflected on how his vision changed after having a near-death experience during a recent interview with Loudersound.

The co-founder of CSNY David Crosby has been known for his crazy adventures that mostly included alcohol and drugs as well as his successful music career. His substance addiction caused him to several problems throughout his career including a short time in prison.

In a recent conversation he joined, Crosby revealed that he was actually diagnosed with hepatitis C, and he was one week away from dying. Thankfully, he managed to get a liver transplant in 1994 and overcome the disease. Crosby touched upon the fact that being so close to death made him realize how a treasured life is. According to the talented musician, he has started to live and enjoy every single moment of his life since then.

Moreover, Crosby explained that he has begun to chew every bite, read every word, and paying attention to the details because he knew that he can not get the time back. Therefore, the veteran singer pointed out that he is not wasting any of his time since then, and he worked as hard in the last five years as he has at any other time in his life even though he is 80 years old.

David Crosby on his near-death experience:

“Close encounters with death do have a tendency to focus your attention. They get you paying attention to what’s actually going on. In my case, I came very close. They told me I was a week away from dying when they transplanted me. 

After such an experience you treasure this life, you try to live more at the moment you’re in and treasure it, taste it fully, chew every bite, read every word, listen to every heartfelt note, really pay attention, don’t let it slip by, because you can’t get it back and there isn’t anywhere near as much as you think there is going to be.

I’m not wasting any time. I’ve probably worked just as hard in the last five years as I have at any other time in my life. I’m not getting paid for it, so I’m doing it for the right reasons. What can I tell you?

I wish the streamers had a conscience, but they don’t, they’re thieves. But I’m enjoying the art of it. And it’s what we leave behind, and I’m about to leave, so I’m really working on leaving behind my best.”

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