David Crosby Clarifies If He Asked Eric Clapton And George Harrison To Join CSN

CSNY co-founder David Crosby posted a tweet about CSN’s finding their fourth member as an answer to one of his fans’ questions. Crosby revealed whether he wanted to recruit Eric Clapton or The Beatles’ George Harrison to CSN or not on his official Twitter account.

CSN was founded as a supergroup by The Byrds’ David Crosby, Buffalo Springfield’s Stephen Stills, and The Hollies’ Graham Nash in 1968. CSN became a band after the founding members parted their ways with their previous bands. Then, the band started to look for a keyboardist, and Stills was eager to hire Steve Winwood but he wanted to focus on his own band, Blind Faith.

Ahmet Ertegun suggested the band consider Neil Young, who was also the Stephen Stills’ bandmate in Buffalo Springfield. Stills didn’t want him in the band due to his behaviors in their previous band and Nash was also reluctant to accept him because he didn’t know him very well. However, they agreed to Neil Young’s joining the band and CSN started to be known as CSNY. 

CSNY members decided not to perform or record anything together after serious personal problems with each other even though the band achieved great popularity and commercial success. CSNY had still a very dedicated fan base and people wondered about some facts about the band. Recently on Twitter, a fan asked David Crosby if they asked Eric Clapton and George Harrison to join CSN before Neil Young. Crosby answered the question and clarified the situation by simply saying ‘no.’

Here’s what a fan asked:

“Is it true that CSN asked Eric Clapton & George Harrison to join the band before Neil Young?”

Crosby responded:


You can check out the tweets below.