David Crosby Admits Losing The Ability To Play Guitar

During a recent interview by The Howard Stern Show, David Crosby has talked about the probability of losing his guitar-playing ability, revealing he thinks he only has another year or so playing guitar and making new music.

It is known that David Crosby has been working on making new music for his audience since his seventh solo studio album ‘Here If You Listen,’ which was released in 2018. Despite the long break, nowadays, Crosby has completed working on his eighth solo studio album titled ‘For Free,’ which will be released on July 23, 2021. He has also released a new single ‘Rodriguez For A Night’  from the album for his fans who are waiting for the release with impatience.

In the recent interview by The Howard Stern Show, Crosby has talked about his health and getting older. He said he is not disturbed by the fact that his death is near, but he wants to continue working on making music until that day comes. He then added that although his general health is good, he is losing his ability to play the guitar. Showing that his fingers have limited movement left, he added he thinks he has nearly one year or so of being able to play.

Crosby said in the interview that:

I am at the end of my life … and it’s a very strange thing. And here’s what I’ve come to think about it: It’s not how much time you got, because we really don’t know. I could have two weeks, I could have 10 years. It’s what you do with the time that you do have. And so I’m trying to really spend it well.”

He then added:

 “I am losing my ability to play guitar – that’s kinda tough. I got another year or so of being able to play. And I can teach my parts to somebody else if I really wanna play that bad … but I don’t know if I’m gonna play anymore.

Despite his thoughts on the condition of his hands, he noted in the interview that he is planning to work on two more records after his recent ‘For Free.’