David Crosby Addresses The Beatles’ ‘Joint Rolling Skills’


The Byrds’ David Crosby shared a new post on his official Twitter account to respond to a fan’s question and revealed whether the Beatles members were good at rolling joints.

As you probably know, the rock scene and its musicians are pretty famous for their drug use. Back in the ’70s, drug use was even more common than today, as some were even legal. Several musicians used cocaine and marijuana throughout their careers, and recently, David himself admitted that they contributed to his career.

It is widely known the Beatles also used drugs such as LSD, acid, and marijuana, but as it turns out, they weren’t very good at it. Just some hours ago, a fan asked Crosby about The Beatles’ joint-rolling skills since the former CSNY member is an ongoing user of marijuana. Contrary to general belief, David revealed that they were not good at it.

While David said that he recalls Beatles not being good at smoking weed and getting high, he also recalled the first time he went to the United Kingdom. According to Crosby, everyone there, including the Beatles, were still crumbling hash into tobacco and rolling that as they ‘couldn’t get good weed.’

When asked about The Beatles and their drugs experience, David Crosby replied:

“I don’t remember them being very good at it. When I first went to England, they and everybody else were still crumbling hash into tobacco and rolling that. They could not get good weed.”

You can check out the post below.