David Crosby Addresses His Influence On The Beatles’ George Harrison


CSNY icon David Crosby recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of his debut solo album, ‘If I Could Only Remember My Name,’ during an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock. While reflecting on the tracklist, Crosby said he had turned the late Beatle George Harrison on to Indian music, which he was very grateful for.

As many of you know, David Crosby released his debut solo record, ‘If I Could Only Remember My Name‘ on February 22, 1971. It peaked at No. 12 on the Billboard Top LPs chart and earned an RIAA gold record certification in the United States. Although the album initially received negative reviews by many music critics, it later achieved cult status.

Since a 50th-anniversary re-issue of the album was released, including numerous out-takes and demos on October 15, 2021, David Crosby opened up about the importance of the record in his career during a recent interview. The singer looked back on each song’s meaning and the tragic time when his girlfriend Christine Hinton was killed in a traffic accident.

While the LP has nine tracks, the CSNY legend particularly opened up about ‘Laughing,’ a song he wrote for the late Beatles’ guitarist George Harrison. Crosby admitted that the track holds a special place in his heart because he admired his friend Harrison, and the song itself felt right while recording.

During the interview, David Crosby was asked if he could present the song to George Harrison before putting it out. Apparently, he couldn’t, but the Beatle’s wife, Olivia Harrison, informed him that the late musician was influenced by Crosby when he started getting into Indian music.

Although his wife said that Harrison was grateful for having Crosby as an inspiration, the musician sounded humble by telling the interviewer that the Beatle was just being nice. The reason behind his statement was that there were most likely several people who turned the Beatles icon to Indian music rather than just himself.

Regarding his song, ‘Laughing,’ Crosby stated:

“It’s amazing. That particular song I wrote for George Harrison and had a lot of significance to me because I just really liked the guy. It actually felt exactly the way I wanted it to feel. You don’t often get that to happen. ‘Laughing’ just came out right. It came out really right.”

When asked if he presented the song to Harrison, the singer said:

“No. I don’t know if he ever heard it even. I think he did. Olivia Harrison told me that he told her the same thing that he told me: that I had turned him on to Indian music and that he was very grateful. I think that probably a number of people turned him on to Indian music. I think he was trying to be nice.”

You can listen to ‘Laughing’ below.