David Coverdale Says Nobody Expected Mick Jagger Would Still Be Touring

Former Deep Purple and current Whitesnake singer David Coverdale stated that he is surprised how Mick Jagger can still be touring at the age of 78 and added that The Rolling Stones are raising the bar for the rest of the performers.

The Rolling Stones refuse to stop touring and performing even though they have been entertaining rock and roll fans for almost 60 years which is ten years more than a half a century. Even after their beloved bandmate, Charlie Watts passed away recently, the band continued touring, showing that nothing can stop them.

David Coverdale, who is 70 years old, commented upon the band’s, especially Mick Jagger’s determination to perform. He stated that when he had released his hit song, ‘Here I Go Again’ in 1982, he was 30 years old, and while creating the song, he was worn out by personal issues that he thought were the end of his career. Feeling worn-out at the age of 30, he never thought that the song would be a success, but it took its place in Top 10 lists and became one of the best songs of Whitesnake.

He continued to mention that The Rolling Stones is raising the bar very high for musicians as they are not worn out, and they keep performing although their age might require them to rest. He specifically stated his shock about Mick Jagger performing at the age of 78 and claimed that nobody thought he would still be on stage.

Here is what Coverdale said:

“As I was writing ‘Here I Go Again’ about the breakdown of my first marriage, inconsolable, rat-arsed on white port and lemonade. I thought: ‘The party’s over.’ In those days, nobody thought Jagger would still be touring at 78! Are you kidding? These guys keep raising the bar, the bastards!”

The Rolling Stones fans weren’t happy that the band decided to go on without Charlie Watts in the beginning, but their concerts are continuing with sold-out tickets, which shows that people are still very much interested. David Coverdale, on the other hand, is retiring from touring with Whitesnake. Even though he will be involved with their music, he won’t be touring with them as he thinks it’s time to end their adventurous times and start to calm down.