David Coverdale Says Jimmy Page Refused His Offer To Release A New Album


Whitesnake frontman David Coverdale revealed why Jimmy Page wasn’t interested in working on unreleased songs with him during a recent interview with AntiHero Magazine.

Following Led Zeppelin’s failed reunion attempt and the disbandment of Whitesnake, David and Jimmy started working together to release their first and last studio album in 1993, named ‘Coverdale-Page.’

In the conversation, David pointed out that they are thinking about releasing a new box set for the ‘Coverdale-Page’ record in honor of its 30th anniversary in 2023, which might include four to five unreleased songs from that album.

Furthermore, David revealed that they had so much material when recording the debut album that he told Jimmy they could release a second studio album featuring these materials and unreleased songs.

Even though Coverdale believed they could have done it pretty easily, Jimmy had to turn down the offer because his manager talked him out of it. Moreover, David pointed out that Page doesn’t work with that manager anymore and teased that they might collaborate once again in the future.

David Coverdale talked about the unreleased songs and the second record in the interview:

“I spoke to Jimmy about it, I said this is a big anniversary, this will be in 2023. One is it’s 50 years since I joined Deep Purple, huge.

And it’s the 30th anniversary of Coverdale/Page. And I’ve just got that album back, the rights to it, from Universal in a settlement deal. Because a lot of my work was lost in that infamous fire. It’s been consistently denied, we were really fortunate to come out with the stuff we did.

And I spoke to Jimmy about it, and I said, ‘I must tell you, I’m loving working with Rhino, I want to give them first offer.’

We still have to come to an agreement on that, but the plan is we have so much content, and I suggested to Jimmy, ‘Why don’t you do a mix? We’ll always have the original which we’ll remaster. We’ll find amazing guys to work on it.’

I said, ‘Why don’t you do the Jimmy Page mix, and I’ll do the David Coverdale mix? You do your own running order, I’ll do my own running order, I think the fans would love it.'”

He continued:

“And we have, I think, four unreleased songs, five, I’m not sure. Because working with Jimmy was so inspiring, it was a particularly prolific period for me.

So, I said, ‘Let’s finish off the album. Let’s do a second album.’ We could’ve done it easily, and his manager talked him out of it, it was really sad, and thank God that guy’s out of the picture now.

But Jimmy and I maintain a super friendship, and I’m hoping to have some good news for him soon anyway. So, we shall see, fingers crossed. But that is part of the plan, yeah.”

Later in the conversation, David also talked about what he will do if he retires from touring and revealed that one of the possibilities is making an event with the concept ‘an evening with David Coverdale,’ similar to what Bruce Dickinson has been doing.