David Coverdale Reflects On Robert Plant’s Hesitation About Led Zeppelin Reunion

The fans, the musicians, and even Jimmy Page is looking forward to a Led Zeppelin reunion, but everyone seems to have lost hope as it has been 42 years since the band performed properly together. David Coverdale recently addressed Robert Plant‘s impact on the decision to plan a Led Zeppelin reunion.

Led Zeppelin launched their fame in 1968 and released many songs together that shook the rock and roll industry. Their influence reached all around the world, and they became known as one of the progenitors of hard rock and heavy metal. Their debut album ‘Led Zeppelin’ was so successful that it instantly took its place in top 10 lists around the world.

Unfortunately, their iconic drummer John Bonham passed away in 1980 which crushed the band members. His death occurred from alcohol-related complications one night when he drank in excessive amounts in Page’s house. When he went to sleep, he was found unresponsive by John Paul Jones, and he passed away in front of his bandmates.

It was difficult for the band to continue as Led Zeppelin without their friend and bandmate so, they decided to call it quits. Led Zeppelin reunited for a couple of one-time shows after the incident but never properly for good. They still continue reviving their legacy by releasing box sets for their anniversaries and are still prominent figures in rock and roll.

Whitesnake’s David Coverdale was asked in a recent interview if it’s Robert Plant who doesn’t want to reunite with the band. Coverdale replied by saying that it’s not his territory, but he mentioned that it’s Jimmy Page’s dream to have a Led Zeppelin reunion. David praised the band members one by one and said that if they do reunite, John’s son Jason Bonham should take his father’s spot on the drums. He ended the subject by saying how much he appreciates Page as his friend.

Here is what Coverdale said about the Led Zeppelin reunion:

“That’s not my territory at all. All I can tell you is that I would love for Jimmy Page to have his dream fulfilled to once again tour with Led Zeppelin. And Jones – they’re great. And Jason is the obvious choice – you know, the gene pool. John was such an integral part – much more important than some people are aware, to have a drummer like that. It makes you structure music entirely different, so the drums breathe.

They made beautiful, perfect records. I have no idea why it isn’t happening. I’m just very happy that I have a great friendship and relationship, supportive, a mutual admiration society, with Jimmy.”

You can listen to his interview below.