David Coverdale Picks The Most Popular Drum Solo Since John Bonham

Whitesnake’s David Coverdale shared some crucial details about one of the band’s hits during his latest appearance on Whitesnake TV. The singer highlighted that drummer Tommy Aldridge’s performance became as famous as Led Zeppelin icon John Bonham’s.

Aldridge has been pursuing a prolific career for decades, and he’s best known for his works with Thin Lizzy, Ozzy Osbourne, Gary Moore, Whitesnake, and Ted Nugent. With every one of them, the drummer has proved his unmatchable talent during the live shows and studio sessions. However, there’s no doubt that Aldridge’s heart was with Whitesnake, considering his return to the band many times over the years.

The musician first joined the famous rock band in 1987 and contributed to the multi-platinum album ‘Slip of the Tongue.’ Besides contributing to several more albums, Tommy Aldridge performed during some of the band’s tours. In his interview, Coverdale wanted to draw attention to a solo from Aldridge while talking about ‘Crying in the Rain,’ which was initially released on ‘Saints & Sinners’ and then rerecorded for the self-titled album.

The Whitesnake frontman stated that they arranged the track when Cozy Powell was still in the band, but he couldn’t forget Alridge’s contribution to ‘Crying in the Rain.’ The drummer’s one-of-kind solo using his hands received positive reviews from critics, fans, and fellow musicians. According to Coverdale, Aldridge was the musician behind the most popular drum solo since Bonham.

Coverdale shared his ideas, saying:

“[‘Crying in the Rain’] was originally arranged while we were still working with Cozy Powell. Then, of course, Tommy Aldridge eats it alive. The relentless Tommy Aldridge and the sticks go, hands coming. It’s the most popular drum solo I have seen anybody do since John Bonham. It’s tailor-made and really like a power blues song.”

You can check out the interview and the famous ‘Crying in the Rain’ performance below.