David Coverdale And Ritchie Blackmore’s Peace After 30 Years Of Feud


For years, audiences have witnessed the disputes between countless musicians in the rock world. While these conflicts are sometimes about personal issues, they can occasionally be caused by not being able to meet on a common point in the music they create. Although these arguments can end in a short time with mutual apologies, they can turn into ongoing issues that last for years. At times, no matter how long time has passed, the sides can come together and solve their problems.

David Coverdale and Ritchie Blackmore had the opportunity to work together in Deep Purple for a while. Coverdale joined the band in 1973 when Blackmore liked his masculine, blues-tinged voice. The pair played together on the band’s tours and released successful records. Although the duo created triumphant works together, it was hard to say that their relationship was as pleasing as their songs. There was an indifference between them that went back to 30 years. However, the two reconnected in previous years and made up for it.

David Coverdale And Ritchie Blackmore Buried The Hatchet


During a 2020 interview with Antihero Magazine, David Coverdale detailed his then-current relationship with Blackmore. The rocker revealed that they did not like each other in the past. The conflicts between Rainbow and Whitesnake also caused problems between the two. On the other side, Blackmore was one of the names who contributed to Coverdale improving himself on the music scene.

David Coverdale said about his past relationship with Blackmore:

Ritchie and I had been in a kind of feud or whatever, 30 years, not being very pleasant about each other.”

As the musician stated, they reconnected in 2012 following the passing of Deep Purple’s Jon Lord to share their loss. After Lord passed away, Coverdale reached Blackmore via his spouse Candice to share his condolences. Later on, their connection continued by mailing each other regularly. They also celebrated anniversaries by sending messages to each other, as Coverdale noted.

Coverdale said in his words:

“I reached out to Ritchie, through his wife, Candice, after we’d lost Jon to offer my sincere condolences, and I wished him well and complimented him on doing the kind of music that he wants to do and sticking to it. So, we reconnected very positively. We email each other regularly on anniversaries because he’s like me.”

Although the two could not solve their problems for three decades, they began communicating after Jon Lord’s death. Following that period, they constantly tried to send each other e-mails and keep in touch. After many years, they became one of the names that solved their problems and started their friendship again.