Dave Grohl Shares What He Thinks About Paul McCartney, ‘I’m Lucky To Say That Paul Is A Friend’

In an interview with Anders Bøtters Tiny TV, Foo Fighters’ frontman Dave Grohl opened up about his opinions regarding The Beatles icon Paul McCartney and revealed that besides being his hero, Paul was actually a friend of his.

As you may recall, following the death of his bandmate, Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl’s career in Nirvana came to an end, and formed his own band, Foo Fighters in 1994. He recruited former Sunny Day Real Estate members, Nate Mendel and William Goldsmith, and his former bandmate from Nirvana, Pat Smear. In 1997, Goldsmith was replaced by Taylor Hawkins. Earlier in 2021, Foo Fighters released their highly-anticipated tenth studio album, ‘Medicine at Midnight,’ as a part of the band’s celebrations of their 25th anniversary.

Recently, Dave Grohl joined an interview with Anders Bøtters Tiny TV to talk about the highlights of his career. During the conversation, he also mentioned one of the most important characters in his personal life as well as his professional career, Paul McCartney. While sharing the memory of how he met AC/DC members for the first time, Dave stated that his hero, McCartney, was the one who made it happen.

Grohl also stated that besides being his hero, Paul was someone he considers as a good friend of his, which is a very fortunate thing according to his statement. The talented frontman stated that The Beatles icon is actually a very sweet man and a friend who helped him to meet his favorite band from childhood, AC/DC.

Here is what Dave Grohl stated about what he thinks of Paul McCartney:

“I wasn’t performing at the Grammys; I was presenting an award or something. I’m lucky to say that Paul McCartney is a friend, and I love him very much. As much as he’s a hero of mine, he’s also a very sweet man and a friend. And so he was in town too. And he called and said, ‘What are you doing after the Grammys?’ I said, ‘I think maybe me and Pat and Taylor are just gonna have dinner.’

And he said, ‘Do you mind if I and Nancy come?’ I’m, like, ‘No. That’d be great.’ So then he bumps into AC/DC in a hotel or something. And then they say, ‘What are you doing after the show?’ And he says, ‘I’m gonna go have dinner with the Foo Fighters.’ And Paul said, ‘Do you wanna come?’ So Paul’s wife calls my wife, and then my wife says, ‘Hey, do you mind if AC/DC comes to dinner?’ And I had never met AC/DC.

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