Dave Grohl Pranks The Foo Fighters’ Fans With Wolfgang Van Halen’s Help

Dave Grohl and Wolfgang Van Halen pranked an entire festival.

During their show in Rockville, Foo Fighters pretended to perform two classic Van Halen songs, only to reveal that Wolfgang Van Halen from Mammoth WVH was actually playing.

The joke took place during their headlining set’s usual mid-show medley featuring drummer Josh Freese’s music. But halfway through, Grohl complained that while his bandmates all got their time in the spotlight, he never got to solo.

Grohl then decided to show the audience his own guitar skills. He started playing Van Halen’s ‘Eruption.’ However, the cameras then showed that it was actually Wolfgang Van Halen playing it near-perfect, shredding at the side of the stage after his band’s earlier performance.

Grohl then joked:

“Dude, I told you to keep that cool Wolfie, what the f*ck you doing right now?”

Grohl introduced the Mammoth WVH singer and guitarist to the crowd. Wolfgang then played the ‘Hot for Teacher’ solo before the Foo Fighters continued their regular set with ‘My Hero.’

Grohl Is Wolfgang’s Favorite Songwriter

Earlier this year, Wolfgang told Classic Rock that the Foo Fighters singer was his favorite songwriter. In fact, he shared that Grohl influenced everything he did with Mammoth WVH. Wolfgang said:

“Dave Grohl. I think as a musician and a songwriter, he influences everything that I do in Mammoth.”

You can see the prank below.