Dave Grohl Admits That His Biggest Epiphany Was When He Discovered Led Zeppelin

Former Nirvana drummer and current Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl opened up about his early days with playing drums during an interview with Tiny Tv and apparently, Grohl experienced his biggest realization about playing drums when he first listened to Led Zeppelin.

As many of you know, Dave Grohl is not known as primarily a drummer these days since he’s the singer, guitarist, and primary songwriter in his band, Foo Fighters which he founded when he did not want to be some other band’s drummer anymore after the tragic passing of frontman Kurt Cobain.

However, Dave Grohl started his music career as a young drummer with his first-ever band, ‘Scream’ with whom he toured extensively and recorded a couple of live albums. However, when Grohl joined Nirvana as their drummer, he became a household name in rock and roll history as a legendary drummer.

During a recent interview, the former Nirvana drummer opened up about his early days as a teenage drummer and revealed that he thought playing drums was all about rage and speed, therefore he actually destroyed the first real drum set he has ever received.

In addition to this, Dave Grohl revealed that the transition from an angry young drummer to a musician who plays with emotions happened right when he discovered Led Zeppelin. He even referred to that moment as an ‘epiphany’ as he had a huge realization through late drummer John Bonham’s performance.

Here is what Grohl said:

“So when I finally got on a real drum set, I just broke everything. I broke the cymbal, I broke the kick drum pedal, I broke the hi-hat, and that’s how I ended up playing the drums.

And then over time I think my biggest epiphany was when I discovered Led Zeppelin, and then that’s when I really started listening to Bonham, and that’s when I discovered how drumming can be not only powerful, but poetic, and that’s what I got into.”

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