Brian May Recalls Turning Freddie Mercury’s Solo Track Into A Queen Song

After their frontman, Freddie Mercury’s passing, Queen’s Brian May, Roger Taylor, and John Deacon embarked on creating a final masterpiece. They gathered what Freddie left behind and the vocals he recorded on his own and worked hard to release ‘Made in Heaven’ in 1995. In the recently released episode documenting the record’s making, Brian May revealed that they used some of Freddie’s solo work in the Queen record.

Freddie knew he didn’t have much time left in the late ’80s, and he wasn’t feeling well most of the time. Foreseeing the future, he wanted to leave vocal material for the band to release his songs after he was gone. When he passed away in 1991 from AIDS, the band was responsible for continuing his legacy and honoring his wishes of releasing his songs.

The Queen members had to go through an emotionally challenging process as they had to listen to and edit the songs that Freddie had initially written for his solo work to create Queen’s final album. While Roget Taylor and John Deacon began working on the tracks, May was in denial and focused on his solo work. However, he joined them in the end and revisited the recordings.

In the 41st episode of Queen’s documentary on their official YouTube channel, May discussed how they edited Freddie’s solo tracks into Queen songs and described the process. He said they had to strip everything to put them back together, and they did it ‘lovingly and cherishingly.’ It was difficult for them to make it sound like they were all in the studio together but, the band succeeded after months of hard work.

Here is what May said in Episode 41:

“There are tracks like ‘I Was Born to Love You.’ Which of course, was never really a Queen track it was a solo track, which Freddie did very hurriedly, and he never bothered about the backing tracks. So, we stripped everything away and lovingly, cherishingly, re-edited his vocals and put it all together. I spent months and months piecing together our bits to make it sound like we were in the studio together.”

You can watch the episode below.